1. To je co mám rad Česky!

    Learning a synthetic language is like treasure hunting: you need to keep your eyes sharp to see parts of words, such as ‘pal’ in order to understand the root of what’s being discussed such as ‘hot’, ‘burn’, ‘cook’.

    Díky Eliška, to je velmí pomoc.

    1. James,
      Díky za zajímavý komentář. Yes, you are right. It’s hard to come from English when learning Czech. But then, there are a lot of words that are the same if you translate then literally which I like – zodpovědný. Odpověď is the response. So zodpovědný is responsible. Or spokojený. Pokoj is room or peace. With peace, peaceful, content.

      But overall I believe that you can find your own logic anywhere if you are searching for it. As soon.as it helps you to remember the words, it’s good!


      1. Díky Eliška,

        Neřekl bych „hard“. Myslím, že čeština je „complex“, ale krásná a zábavná!

  2. Ahoj

    I like these Logic videos, they are really helpful. I didn’t have to turn on the subtitles this time so my listening skills must be improving 🙂


    1. Ahoj Tony,
      This is excellent! What a great news. I am happy for you and your progress! Well done 🙂
      Thank you, too.
      I really appreciate your comment.
      Krásný den!

  3. Elíška! Hola!
    Thank you very much for helping us to learn Czech! I’m fan of your job!
    This video is very clear and useful. I feel I learnt a lot!

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