Časopis AHOJ 05 – Crossfit!

Ahój! Jak se máš? 🙂 I have for you another great languge exercice today! Wohooo! Last year, I joined the Časopis AHOJ  team (magazine for Czech language students). As you know and as every time (link to the first AHOJ article here) I can’t publish the text. That is why I am offering you the following listening/writing exercice: If you are motivated, listen to the audio and write what you hear. If you have any questions, hesitations or blank spaces, contact me. I will help you out. I enjoy helping self-learners and motivated people who enjoy studying Czech. Because learning has to be fun!

Btw, the AHOJ is about 30 pages magazine destinated to Czech learners are issued every 3 months. And for the third time now in October 2019, the magazine is releasing audio files, too. That is why and how a beautiful voice of SlowCZECH comes on the scene 🙂

I wrote + recorded for them a beginner text called “Crossfit” about crossfit in the world and in the Czech republic. Another great article I love!… Well, all you have to do now is listen to the audio! 

You can get the whole magazine here:

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