WhatsApp courses – how does it work?

Slowczech changes the way the languages are taught. Because we believe that the classic lessons only will not help you to reach the level you wish. Neither will Duolingo (have you ever met someone who learned to speak by clicking in Duolingo…?) But when methodes are combined in a way that you are enjoying the process of learning, then you are improving faster than ever.

We like inventing new manners of learning. WhatsApp courses simulate the real life exchanges and messages. You can practise real life communication

  • within a small group (max 8 people) and the whole conversation will be managed by the tutor
  • individually with your tutor (to start, fill in our form here)

You will react any time of the day. You will send photos, audio messages and text messages. You will send questions. You will have fun! All in Czech.

We open regularly group classes (ZOOM + WA groups). Follow our newsletter to know about groups openings. If you are interested in individual approach, fill in our form. Tutor Vendy will get in touch with you to see what you need and want.

Watch our video to imagine better how your WhatsApp course will look like:



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