Slowczech is a language learning community. Slowczech team produces materials every week for you to practice and learn. If you like our free materials, you will definitely enjoy and learn from our following audio, video courses and ebooks.

690 CZK

Let's boost your Czech in 5 days! Active practise for only 15 minutes a day.


First slowczech T-shirt with funny design "Typický Čech"

520 CZK

Learn about Czech culture in the form of funny comics. Created by Šárka, Monika and Eliška.

2 900 CZK

21 days, 21 topics, active practise and simulated dialogues. Self-study program.

2 000 CZK

Our brain loves stories that are weird! Dive into stories full of prefixes. With support of Eliška's, this is a self-study course.

900 CZK

Audio training with stories and active practise. Take your stories wherever you go, speak along, answer the questions. Absorb.

450 CZK

Complementary material to the YouTube series “Logic in Czech”, enjoy 98 pages of learning with slowczech.

550 CZK

Learn with 100 selected podcast episodes divided into 3 levels. With direct links to audio version.

for Patrons only

Easy reading story in 2 versions. History of slowczech from its very beginning (2006). A must-have if you are a huge fan.


These 7 short tips aim to simplify/clarify your contact with Czechs.