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eBook “Logic in Czech PLUS”

    • complementary material to the YouTube series “Logic in Czech”
    • 98 pages with fun exercices, questions, phrases, true or false, fill in exercices
    • cultural and language tips showing more of the LOGIC in Czech language
      • learn more with material you like
      • practise phrases in context on your own + with videos
    • printable subtitles for each episode

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    • motivating way to improve your Czech
    • 15 to 30 minutes of practice with Eliška every day
    • support of the Slowczech learning group, max 16 people in the group
    • ZOOM  group meetings to meet others
    • every day: 1 email containing 1 lesson
    • in every lesson you will get one video explanation of the grammar
      • and 2 other videos with practice training
      • plus writing training – because we need to practice, practise, practise!
    • false beginner to intermediate level

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  • stories targeting the Czech grammatical cases
  • written and spoken stories with different kind of questions supporting the usage of the correct endings
  • 3 hours of audio, 33 pages of text, 12 pages of tips & tricks
  • amazing illustrations helping the visual cortex of your brain to learn

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100 + 1 audio eBOOK

  • 100 slowczech stories on 126 pages
  • 1 BONUS “Legenda o golemovi” (only for you)
  • list of episodes divided into 3 levels (3 colors)
  • direct links to audio version
  • tips how to use the book and slowczech materials in general
  • load of wonderful illustrations

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EASY READING Story of slowczech (2 levels) “BIRTHDAY EDITION”

  • easy reading story in 2 versions (simplified Czech on A1/A2 and advanced B1/B2 level)
  • history of slowczech from its very beginning
  • 4 200 words on 20 pages
  • audio coming soon
  • POZOR, I will stop selling this story on August, 31, 2021
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