Praha: Na brunch se SlowCZECH (CZECHup event #3)

Ahóój! Jak se máš?

– Do you enjoy weekend brunch? ☀️
– And do you want to have a chat in Czech? 🌈
– Plus meet other people with the same passion/interest? 😎

Let’s meet for our 3rd CZECHup event 😛 😉
> This time in PRAGUE in Můj šálek kávy (direct trade coffee shop) <
> Sobota 26. 10. v 10:30 <


How will this look like?
… we meet in the café 🌳
… from the very beginning we switch to Czech
… cards with questions are picked up and read
… we answer the questions 📕❓, discuss our answers 💬, our opinion 💭, give more details, or do not answer if not wished 🔕
… okay, sometimes we can switch to another languages (for example when discussing the amazing taste of the food!) 😀 📣

What level is required?
… “enough-courage-level”.
Two groups of questions will be ready:
–> 🙂 ex. L1 : Co rád(a) děláš v neděli večer? Co jsi dělal(a) loni v létě?
–> 🙂 ex. L2 : Jak moc jsou pro nás dnes důležité peníze? Chtěl(a) bys bydlet u moře, proč ne, proč ne?

The goal is not to have a perfect grammar. The goal is to “survive” with the knowledge you have + to be understood + to understand the content of others’ speech.

However, it is better if you can have a conversation in the Czech language and can talk about the topics of your interest.

What to bring?
– money 🙂
– good mood and positive attitude 😉

I organize this event because I love having brunch 🙂 And because I love meeting you, Czech language learners, getting to know you and improving SlowCZECH accordingly. Everytime I can learn so many great things about you and your motivations, your passions, your reasons and goals,… And of course, meeting new people is the most enriching thing in our lives, right? 🙂

Let’s just start this autumn Saturday with a good brunch and friendly talk.

This event is organised by Eliška from Slow Czech 😉
Enough talking!
See you on Saturday! 😁


      1. Aaano 🙂 Moc bych chtěla, protože trochu jsem učila nebo uměla česky a teď zapomínám… A taky mám ráda brunche!

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