Lessons policies

Achieve your goals with the slowczech tutors

  1. Lessons are always scheduled in advance and on a regular basis.
  2. Should you join the lesson later, inform your tutor. If it be to the contrary, at 15 minutes after the lesson beginning is considered a forfeited lesson.
  3. Lesson ends at agreed time. No prolongation is possible.
  4. Camera and good quality internet are required for online lessons.

Lesson cancellation

  1. Cancellation of a lesson must be made AT LEAST 24 hours prior to the scheduled lesson time. This includes leaving phone messages or email.
  2. If you do not attend a lesson or failure to notify the tutor within 24 hours is considered a forfeited lesson.
  3. If there are more than 2 forfeits per set of 5 lessons, all booked lessons will be considered forfeited.
  4. If you know of dates ahead of time where you/your child cannot attend a lesson, please notify the tutor when booking your lessons.
  5. There are NO refunds on unused, forfeited or cancelled lessons. Any unused lessons and vouchers will expire 6 month after the date of purchase.
  6. Should you choose to take a break, unused lessons can be banked for you for a period of 3 months. Unused lessons after that time will be considered forfeited.
  7. Should you decide to stop taking lessons altogether, please give your tutor 2 weeks notice. (see ending lesson policy)

Make-up lessons (individual lesson only)

  1. Any lessons cancelled at least 24 hours ahead of the scheduled lesson will be re-scheduled as a make-up lesson at a time convenient to both the tutor and the student. 
  2. A make-up lesson will be booked and agreed with you and your Tutor directly.
  3. This makeup lesson will not be skipped over.
  4. Make-up lessons not used after 3 months will be considered forfeited.


  1. Payments can be made via the following methods: PayPal, Czech bank account transfer, Wise, Revolut, PaySend.
  2. Receipts and eMail reminders will be sent out to let you know when the fees are due.
  3. Payments/bookings for lessons can be completed as either packages or regular sessions.
  4. All lesson fees for packaged lessons are due in advance of your first lesson.
  5. Payment for regular lessons need to be paid as the invoice indicates. If you do not pay the first invoice on time, your lessons will be cancelled and booked slots will be opened up for other students.
  6. There are NO REFUNDS on unused or cancelled lessons.

Holiday breaks

Exceptions will be made with respect to holiday days (Religious and Statutory Holidays in the tutors home country + Students home country). Those days can be rescheduled for different days and will count as regular lessons, not make-up lessons. Please advise your Tutor as soon as you know you will have to miss a lesson due to these previously mentioned breaks. 

If you fail to notify your tutor about having to reschedule due to holidays, the lessons are subject to the lesson cancellation policy and will be considered forfeited.

When your Tutor cancels

In most cases, when your Tutor is unable to attend a lesson, the Tutor or slowczech will communicate with you and coordinate a make-up lesson.

Ending Lessons

  1. When choosing to end lessons with a tutor, you need to provide a 2 week notice period. 
  2. If you’re unable to notify a Tutor with the 2 week notice period, the remaining lessons will be paid for in that month.
  3. If you are ending lessons, have reached the end of a month, but not provided notice to your tutor, then you will be invoiced for up to 2 lessons as a lack of notice fee.

Group Lessons and Mini group lessons

  1. A registration fee of 15% of the group course price is paid in advance. You will not be allowed to join the group course unless the registration fee has been paid.
  2. Once the registration fee is paid, a place for you in the group course is reserved and we will assume that you have read those slowczech lesson policies.
  3. Once the registration fee is paid, we will consider this an act of agreement on your part to join the group course.
  4. Group courses payment (the remaining 85%) is invoiced at the beginning of the group course and needs to be paid within 10 days of being sent.
  5. There are no lesson cancellations, unless all members of the group reach an agreement with the Tutor.
  6. There are no make-up lessons.
  7. If your Tutor is unable to attend a group lesson, the Tutor will communicate as soon as availability permits and will coordinate with you and your group to resolve and/or reschedule.
  8. Once you have scheduled your first lesson with Slowczech, we assume you have read and agreed to our lesson policies.

Workshops, online paid events

  1. Once the registration fee is paid, your spot in the event is booked.
  2. Those are one-off events. There are no refunds.
  3. If the minimum capacity is not reached, we will send you money back. Your money will be send back via e-shop after the event date. It might take some time depending on the payment option and/or your bank.
  4. If for any reason slowczech needs to cancel the event, point 3 applies.

Once you have scheduled your first lesson or paid for with slowczech, we assume you have read and agreed to our lesson policies. This text comes into effect on June 15, 2021.

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