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Learn with other great teacher(s)

Ahooooj! I am so happy you are learning Czech language or you would love to start learning this beautiful language connected to an amazing culture and traditions.

As I announced in May 2020, SlowCZECH is growing. Earlier little by little, I had started to cooperate with other great tutors that know me or that I’ve been told about. I know them all, I have met them and discussed for 1-1,5 hour the way they teach, the type of students they enjoy working with, the methods they use,… And because I like their approach, today the cooperation is here! I am so happy!

Thus, as the time went by, I could create a small network of tutors I know – and most importantly, tutors who love teaching and whose values and attitude are close to mine.

If you agree, I can find a teacher for you. I will just need some information from you. As soon as I receive your request, I will contact my network and get back to you ASAP. If it takes more time than you expect, promiň! But certainly it doesn’t mean that I forgot about you! It might just mean that we are busy creating more cool content for you 🙂 So please, be patient 🙂

Krásný den,
Eliška ze SlowCZECH