New classes: Brno + online

Ahoj, jak se máš?

I want to share a very good news with you. Thanks to you, SlowCZECH is growing which makes me so happy 🙂 Just before the Corona virus, I rented my own office. And I furnished and set everything on my own which is something I enjoy so much. And now, the office is ready for any cool event I would like to organize. So…:

1. Firstly, I have my own place for working. SlowCZECH takes more and more time and energy and I feel that I need to keep a good life/work balance.

2. Secondly, A1 beginners level, summer boost classes will take place ONLINE – 3x 60min per week, after 5pm, 4 weeks in August.

3. Thirdly, intensive B1 culture/speaking classes will take place at the end of August.

4. And eventually, on Facebook, I asked you couple weeks ago about the perfect course you can imagine. Thus, I am planning courses focusing on Czech cases, specific grammar rules in use with lot of practice, specific real life situations, Czech culture focuse.

If you live in Brno, stop by for a coffee that we can have on my lovely balcony 🙂


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