1. Ahoj!

    Great that you include the subtitles in Czech. As a beginner I still find it easier to understand by reading the subtitles at the same time.


    1. Tony, díky za komentář! I am happy that the effort put into the subtitles helps someone 😀 :-))
      Krásný den, Eliška

  2. Toto video krásné !!! Moc, moc děkuju!! The subtitles are wonderful (and so helfull!), and the pop-up pictures are great!

  3. Wow, when one doesn’t notice that there is a subtitle option, this is when one realizes that he is not a beginner any more. :)))

    I have a question: are the words Divny, Divoky, Divka coming from the same origin as Divat se?

    Thank you!

    1. Artashes,
      Wow! Congratulations! This is a very very good news 🙂
      You are a hard worker 🙂

      When it comes to divný, divoký, dívka, dívat se… Even if the words have the same root, they doesnt have to be connected. The most logical one of your 3 examples is “divný”.
      Dívka – originally děva, děvka (girl)
      Divný + divně, podivně, div, podivit se, divit se (everything related to “wonder”)
      Divoký + divokost (wild)
      Nothing to do with “dívat se”.

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