Learn Czech – materials I recommend

Ahoj! I have created a list of great learning ressources for you 🙂
* means that I really recommend them, I love them!



*Slowczech (of course ! Our blog, slowly spoken audios, 3 levels, audio, video)

*Časopis AHOJ (PDF magazine to be downloaded, paid)

*Czech Step by step, Čeština Express 1-3 (online activites related to the learning books – flash cards)

Kurzy češtiny pro cizince (short videos, texts, grammar, quiz)

Czech Class 101 (free/paid online lessons on different topics, explained)

Mluvte česky (grammar lookups, many good tables, free online lessons)

Memrise (free online lessons, app)

Reality Czech (basic Czech videos, not complete)

Český den  (without alphabet knowledge)


*Slowczech on Spotify

*Zdeňkův český podcast (advanced level, he is not a teacher, but offers 1 episode a week! He is great!)

*Czech with Iva (15 minute monologues, advanced level, not many new episodes)

Lyrics training (learn with Czech songs, app as well)

*Czech courses on Spotify (not regular content, but new podcast)

České podcasty ( aaaaaaaaaall the Czech podcasts, native level)


*Češka z Česka (blog in Czech about traditions and food – native level)

Mozaika (articles, quiz, all levels)

Czech literary center (about Czech literature in English)


*Slavné dny (about 6 min videos about Famous Days in history, subtitled)

*Dějiny udatného národa českého (Czech history in 3 min videos, subtitled, great and simple!)

*Evropské pexeso (Czech TV show about European countries, subtitled)

Krteček (famous Czech cartoon + many others)

Czech-American TV CATVUSA (broadcast TV in English, Czech traditions, history,…)


iTalki (the biggest language platform in the world, language exchanges, paid lessons)


Czech essential Grammar Book (grammar explained in English)

Outline Of Czech Grammar (Czech grammar explained in English)

Help for English → Czech (Czech-English basic words explained)

Czech Language (language explained in written English)

Čeština pro azylanty a cizince B1 – cvičebnice (grammar and language situations exercice book)

Čeština pro azylanty a cizince B2 – cvičebnice (grammar and language situations exercice book)


Jitka Pourová (online materials – typical mistakes, mindmaps, paid e-books)

Fluent in 3 months (divers topics, articles, about learning languages in general)


*Learn Czech Olomouc (good tips, good friend of mine, great teacher Tereza )

Study Czech (mixed ressources, good tips in Czech and in English)

Czech with pictures (freelance teacher, pictures and vocab on Facebook)

*Effective Czech (short texts with vocabulary, pictures – Facebook articles)

Čteme česky (reading, texts, exercices, Facebook articles)

Step by step / Krok za krokem (many tips, links,… mixed ressource)

Čeština Extra (Jana Harperová) (not active anymore, but many pictures and vocab)

Czech daily (not active anymore, but many pictures and vocab)

Polyglots (tips, exchange, forum, language learning in general)


Jazyk, Duolingo, Quizlet, Ten Ta To, Anki, Memrise , Czech class 101, Learn Czech, Naučte se česky

*Czech cases on Quizlet – created by Andrej from Boston adopting a memory palace concept (you will find the cases in Prague!)


*Slowczech (our channel with subtitles, slowly spoken videos)

*Because Czech is cool! (grammar explained, recorded lessons, Eliška, very good friend of mine)

Tady Gavin (American studying Czech, videos in Czech)

Fun with Czech (basic dialogs, grammar, in English) 

Czech in English – Anthony Lauder

Learn Czech with Rich

Show Jana Krause (TV show with laughing spectators, fun, native level)

Na stojáka (stand up show, fun, native level) –> search for the episode on Youtube

Prima Comedy Central (comic shows, native level)

*Kovy (the best Czech Youtuber, native)







slovnik.cz (simple one)

https://slovniky.lingea.cz/ (dictionary, examples, other ways, grammar, topics, conversations,…)

http://prirucka.ujc.cas.cz/ (searching for case forms and genders)

https://www.linguee.cz (examples in sentences, not a huge variety of choice in Czech)

PAPER BOOKS TO purchase in the library/online

*Čeština Expres 1 – 3  (communicative grammar book + exercice book A1/1 – A2/1)

Krok za krokem 1 – 2  (communicative grammar book + exercice book A1-A2, B1, many materials to be found on their website)

Česky prosím I – III (communicative grammar book + exercice book A1, A2, B1)

Česká čítanka, Ilona Kořánová (simplified texts and exercices)

Staré pověsti české a moravské, adaptovaná próza (simplified Czech legends and exercices, A2)

Čeština pro cizince – jazykové hry (A1, couple language games)

333 x česky, Ladislav Kaska (simplified texts, funny stories, A1 – B1)

Čeština pro život 1 – 2  (communicative learning book, chapters around topics, texts, audios, exercices, B1 – B2)

Čeština Extra, Jana Harperová  (Czech grammar)

Basic Czech 1 – 3 (communicative grammar book, A1 – B1)

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