(08) In English 01 – Ten čas ale letí

Hey everyone,

I have made a huge decision – you have been so curious about Czech language that the explanations in English are certainly very useful. Let’s go through some podcasts together in English, yeeeah!


Below you can find English translation and details about grammar, structure, vocabulary,… Everything I can think about regarding the very sentences.

My English is not perfect, I am sorry for that. But my goal is not to avoid the mistakes and to handle the foreign language as a native speaker. My objectif is to pass on the principal message – you do not need to know 100% of any language. The goal is to be understood!

So let’s go, jdeme na to! 🙂 

The original text & audio: HERE

Jmenuji se Lenka a je mi 50 (padesát) let. Narodila jsem se v roce 1966 (devatenáct set šedesát šest). Mám 2 (dvě) dcery – první dcera se narodila v roce 1990 (devatenáct set devadesát). Je jí tedy 26 (dvacet šest) let. Druhá dcera se narodila v roce 2001 (dva tisíce jedna). Je jí tedy 15 (patnáct) let. Můj manžel se jmenuje Petr a je mu 55 (padesát pět) let. Narodil se v roce 1961 (devatenáct set šedesát jedna). Jsme manželé již 32 (třicet dva) let. Ten čas ale letí!


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