Hybrid Czech for self-learners

Hybrid Czech = study on your own but not alone

Learning a language on your own is the most effective way to progress. However, only very few people are able to learn a language 100% on their own. Most of us need someone to help us, to push us, to cheer us up and sometimes even scream on us “go go go! you need to study! now! you are lazy!” (well,… you know what we mean 🙂 ).

How does our Hybrid Czech learning?

The tutor is there for you but you have no live-lessons or very few. The tutor knows you and gives you the material you need in order to study at your own pace and at the time you choose. You open your Google Classroom, see the deadlines and work on the materials – whether it is grammar exercices or writing a diary or recording a video/audio message, etc. Us, tutors, have tons of ideas you have never imagined they existed 😉

Is this the way you would enjoy? Lets start, then! Mention “Hybrid Czech” when filling the form via our booking system:

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