eBOOK BONUS – Legenda o Golemovi



As a gift for you, I created a REAL CZECH version of the old and very famous and popular legend „O Golemovi“. Below you will find link to the video of Legendy staré Prahy. This is a very special episode. Why? While watching the video, you can actually listen to of the 2 versions made by SlowCZECH. So you can mute the original sound and listen to the SlowCZECH sound that corresponds perfectly as to the timing. That will prepare you for the original version made by MUVI.cz production and 24Snails Pardubice s.r.o. Are you ready? 🙂

TELEVIZE SEZNAM – Legenda o Golemovi

NÁVOD / INSTRUCTIONS (one of the possible way):

  1. Watch the video.
  2. Read useful vocabulary:
  • Byli v nebezpečí = they were in danger
  • Vymodelovali golema = they modeled/sculptured golem
  • Hlína začala vysychat = the clay started to dry out
  • Náš nový sluha = our new servant
  • A začal vše ničit = he started to destroy everything
  • Ublížit lidem = hurt people
  1. Watch the video again, but without original sound – instead listen to LEVEL 1 (simplified structure, easy vocabulary, short sentences).
  2. When you understand, listen to the LEVEL 2 (simplified by using synonyms, many phrases maintained).
  3. Listen to original version with and/or without subtitles.
  4. Comment hard work of SlowCZECH on Facebook, iTunes or on my e-mail contact@slowczech.com 😊😊