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Ahój! Jak se máááš? 🙂

I want to share something with you – I believe that when we are learning, doing or trying new things, we should not wait until the “right” moment. We should just jump into the action directly. This is how I work, this is how my life gets sometimes very interesting and funny, sometimes on the other hand quite busy 🙂 

Which is the case of the 2nd version of SlowCZECH e-BOOK. With new ideas and better vision of how it should like, I decided to re-write the book.

And now, here we are, e-BOOK 2.0 is here!

I am so happy, I like this book very much 🙂


Thank you for supporting SlowCZECH. Thank you for your comments, your emails, your lovely messages and of course to thank you for purchasing this book :-), I added 101st BONUS available only for you.

What will you find inside?

  • 100 slowczech texts on 137 pages
  • 1 BONUS “Legenda o golemovi” (only for you) = subtitled video that I took and added 2 “support” audio versions that will prepare you to the final original one 😉
  • list of episodes divided into 3 levels (3 colors)
  • direct links to audio and video 
  • tips how to use the book and SlowCZECH in general
  • all the photos and pictures have been maintained so you will not get bored with those long texts 😛

Download via

SlowCZECH e-shop

Thank you for supporting SlowCZECH.


  1. I would love to order this book, but I’m still technologically challenged. If I use my credit card to order this, will the Euro price be converted to US dollars when my credit card is charged?

      1. I just realized; how will I receive the book? Email? I’m not on any social media.

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