Drawing challenge (2 levels)


So the drawing challenge is here! You will draw what you will hear (not the same picture as the one above). And for more details – you will hear what to do – or you can read all the informations on Event Facebook Page – here. Both, level 1 + level 2, describe the same picture. Just a different way. So, are you ready? Here we go! 🙂

LEVEL 1 (beginner, slow)

LEVEL 2 (intermediate, faster)

As soon as you have you picture ready, post it on SlowCZECH Facebook Page (here) or send it to me in the message (facebook, email contact@slowzech.com).

I am reaaallyyyy looking forward to your pictures! And I will show you my “greatest” talent as well 🙂

Vaše Eliška

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