Czech online

As you have noticed, SlowCZECH has started to grow. You are more and more to ask for lessons and I am honored and so pleased that I would love to teach you all! 🙂 But my day would need at least 120 hours 🙂

Thankfully, now, I am not alone. We have team of three working on slowczech project. Plus we have started to cooperate more with other tutors I know. I know their methods, their attitude and I love the way they teach Czech. They just don’t produce videos and audios as I do…

If you are searching for online/in-class Czech classes, what can I offer you right now? 

  1. I have a large network of great tutors, I will recommend you one according to your needs
  2. in cooperation with my Brno collegues, I am opening in-class lessons in Brno 
  3. from time to time, I accept new students, write me on