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We believe that learning Czech shouldn’t be just following some grammar rules. We know that learning has to be fun! If you are ready to learn Czech with slowczech tutors, we are here for you.

Slowczech is a language learning community of 27 tutors.

Do you want…

  • improve on your own or with your private tutor?
  • learn regularly with like-minded people?
  • understand Czech culture?
  • your children to speak Czech?

You might like our…

  1. Individual lessons – information below
  2. Hybrid Czech (for self-learners)
  3. Group lessons – information below
  4. Mini groups
  5. WhatsApp individual and groups
  6. Special self-study online programs
  7. Slowczech kids

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Individual lesson 
… 700 – 950 CZK per 60 minute class (shorter or longer slots are available, too)

Hybrid Czech
… 100% on demand

Group lesson
… 300 – 330 CZK per 60 minute class (3 to 5 students in the group)

Mini group (2 students) 
… 450 – 520 CZK per 60 minute class

WhatsApp individual course
… 700 – 1500 CZK per week

WhatsApp group course
… 1800 CZK per 4 week course (3 to 8 students in the group)


Individual lessons

Every lesson should be tailored. Every cooperation should create an equal relation between the client and the tutor.

If you are interested in individual approach, once you will have filled the form below, you will be contacted by Vendy. During the video call you will specify your demand – what kind of learning do you like? What exactly are you searching for? How can slowczech help you to achieve your goal while enjoying the process? Thanks to this step our matching system will connect you with the perfect tutor who corresponds to your learning style and personality.

Do you know already who you want to work with? Do you know our team? If yes, write your future tutor’s name in the form below. If her capacity is not full, you can start learning together soon.

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Group lessons

Regularly, we open online groups for 3 – 5 students. So far, we have opened over 33 online groups. In 2023 specific-goal-oriented courses will be launched in Brno office, too. The specificity of our groups are the video call with Vendy (the same as for our individual lessons) to assure the good energy and synergy within your group. You need like minded people to learn with you. Because if you dont feel comfortable in your group, you are not learning and you are only wasting your time and money.

RIGHT NOW – Winter courses 2023

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If no current group lessons correpond to your goals or schedule, fill in our regular form (chosing the group lessons option). We put you on our waiting list. What does our offer look like? Check out the previous group lessons: winter 2022summer 2021autumn 2021WhatsApp groups 2021.