Online lessons with Eliška

Hi, my dear brave Czech learner!

Update in MAY 2020: Thank you for reaching out and for being interested in Czech language. Right now, my schedule is full and I cannot accept any new student. But be ready for AFTER Corona times.

But don’t be sad, I have another really realy cool possibility for you, check it


What are my projects I am currently working on?

— audio way how to finally learn Czech cases
— audio way of learning Czech (my new cool idea!) destinated to motivated and hard working students 🙂 , wait for it!
— my own face-to-face classes in Brno Center “Learn Czech within story telling and situations”

— videos tips on how to learn Czech


Who am I? I admit that I not only create audio and video content for you, guys, but I do teach the Czech language, too. I enjoy teaching in the Integration center for foreigners, within Ministry of Interior, in language schools, privately and online. I teach groups from 2 to 15 students and I offer individual classes, too. And this variety is just sooo crazy 🙂 I love it! It is so inspiring! So cool. My students are the best people in the world!

Do I believe that I am a good language tutor? I do! Why? Because:

  1. if you do what you truly enjoy, you become good at it
  2. if you are good at something, you enjoy it
  3. besides, I believe that not only studying languages, but also teaching them should be fun! Because if teacher is a happy and fullfilled person, s/he is positive, encouraging, smiling, student is happy and motivated, too 🙂

I tailor my lessons. I love creating and using games and variety of activites, I give funny (at least I think so!) examples, we play roles, I put you in „the imagined real“ situation that you are preparing your language for. And help you to reply and react correctly. And of course, I use tons of pictures and I love picture vocabularies.

How to get a free trial?

I like to offer a free 15 to 20 minutes trial talk. You need to feel the good vibes to stay motivated, to stay concentrated, to be consistent. And you can test it for free if it works between us 😉 As to me, I do choose my students, too. I do not work with students who are not willing to think about what they want and how, who are not willing to decide about their way of studying the language.

Contact me: here

Do you want to know my way of teaching better? Here are a couple details…
What do I think of learning new language?

In my opinion, it is extremly enriching to exchange with others in their mother tongue. While you are using another language, which naturally involves different grammar and syntax, via language understanding you catch on the foreign culture as a whole easier – whether you live or just travel abroad. Besides, I believe that knowing at least one foreign language not only cultivates the way how we perceive world but first and foremost are removed the communication barriers between people from different cultures.

As you might have seen on my ©SlowCZECH website, I like to offer a large variety of ideas. I am convinced that many people give up just because they were not given the chance to fall in love with the language. They get bored, they learn vocabulary that can’t be used in their every lives rapidly. But where is the point here? Noone wants to spend time on learning things that he will not use in life.

And what about my online lessons, how do they look like?

My students get back to me regularly, they are satisfied with their own progress and the results they can see in every day life – because this is the reason why they start to study a foreing language.

In our lessons I include not only speaking, playing (and laughing…!) but some videos to watch for next lesson, text to write, questions to prepare, picture to think of.  I like working with Google Docs and Google Classroom that helps us to get the lesson into interactive level, super! Depending on your own preferences – Speaking? Reading? Watching? Discussing? Role playing? I will not force you to hate the exercices and thus the language. Language learning needs to be interesting!

What do my students say about the way I teach?


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