1. Ahoj Eliško, Všechno nejlepší k svátku. (Pardon my English.) In the Forrest Gump quote, his mother did not mean that Forrest didn’t know the content of a chocolate box, but that one didn’t know the content, right? Does the Czech verb 》víš《 have that generic meaning?

    1. Ahoj ahoj,
      Děkuji za přání, jsi moc hodný, že na mě myslíš 🙂

      Víš means to know, like in English. Do you know what you’re gonna do tonight? Víš, co budeš děláš dnes večer?

      But the point here is that she is saying ‘nikdy nevíš, co ochutnáš’ = you never know what kind of flavour/liquor/chocolate/nuts…are inside the piece of chocolate. It’s always a surprise (well, except for Merci chocolates where you can see the flavours names written on every piece of chocolate).

      But I believe, this is what his mum meant in English, as well: you never know what kind of flavour (inside filling) you are gonna get. Nikdy nevíš, co ochutnáš.

      Does it make sense? 😅

      1. Květinářství u nás dnes měl před něj tvoje jméno.

        To paraphrase that question: the English second-person pronoun “you” can refer to people in general (not just your (!) interlocutor), and I think that the “you” in the quote does that. Does the Czech second-person pronoun “ty” have such a function?

        1. 😀🎁 Květinářství mají vždycky pravdu!

          To answer, now I understand. Yes, the function is the same 🙂 She is talking to both, Forrest and people.

  2. Firstly, great video, thanks! Reaally cool content!

    One small thing, you wrote, “nobody puts a baby in a corner” this isn’t quite right and it changes the meaning. The indefinite article “a” is not necessary before “baby” because this makes it sound like you are putting an infant in the corner. “Baby” is her nickname so it doesn’t need an article – just like a normal name wouldn’t need an article.


    1. Ahoj Rich,

      díky moc za komentář. I am happy you liked this video 🙂
      It was fun for me to shoot and I enjoyed it very much. And it was easy.

      It was, however, a way more work for the editor. I will tell him about your comment, thank you, so that he can learn a new thing today as did I 🙂

      Krásný den!
      Zdraví, Eliška

  3. Ahoj Elisko!
    Jak se mate?
    Vase video me vzdy bavi, dekuji moc! Ale tohle se mi opravdu libi. Je to zababa! Doufam, ze si to zopakujete 🙂 💖


    1. Ahoj Taco,
      Díky moc! Ano určitě, pro nás to je taky zábava a bude více videí a materiálů z (české) popularni kultury 🤩😎 Eliška

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