Časopis AHOJ 01 – Planeta Česko

Ahój! Jak se máš? 🙂

A have for you a great languge exercice today! Wohooo! I have started a new cooperation with Časopis AHOJ (magazine for Czech language students). And this time, I can’t publish the text.

That is why I am offering you the following listening/writing exercice: If you are motivated, listen to the audio and write what you hear. After that, send me the text (small part or the whole text) on my email or via my Facebook page. And I will correct it and fill the blank spaces that you dont understand. What do you think? 😉

Btw, the AHOJ is about 30 pages magazine destinated to Czech learners are issued every 3 months. And for the first time now in March 2019, the magazine is releasing 2 audio files, too. That is why and how a beautiful voice of SlowCZECH comes on the scene 🙂 I recorded for them a beginner text called “Planeta Česko”. What is it? A Czech film that can be compared to BBC Earth as to its topic and its quality – however about the Czech republic. Interested? OK, let’s listen to it!

You can get the whole magazine here:

Author of the text is Alžběta Štollová:


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