5 day grammar challenge


Let’s boost your Czech! 

You would like to start learning Czech grammar differently but you don’t know how?


5 day challenge is the magic you need!


In 5 days you will experience another method. And you will see that it is actually possible to understand & practise Czech grammar easily.

Does it sound familiar to you?

  • you know so many Czech words but eventually you are not able to speak well
  • when someone talks to you, your reaction is so slow that in the meantime the person has already left
  • you struggle to find more of the active practice without having to schedule regular lessons
  • you find it hard to push yourself to study because you never know which materials to work with
  • just hearing “Czech grammar” makes your hair stand on end
  • your speaking contains more silence than speech
  • … and you want your mouth to say words automatically without overthinking the grammar!


Gain a new perspective on Czech grammar! 

We start on 4 March 2023.



Co je tato challenge? A proč 5 dní?

This is a group video course created by Eliška. This course will not only explain the must-know grammar but will most importantly practise with you. It is a motivating way to boost and improve your Czech. 


This 5 day challenge a is shortened version of 21 day grammar challenge. Why?

  1. The whole three-week long course (21 day) might look scary.
  2. You are not sure to find time and energy every single day.
  3. Or you are not sure if this concept is the right one for you.

For 5 days, you will need only 15 to 20 minutes for the topic of that day. You will receive a material in the form of video. Every video contains the grammar explanation in English and a simulated mini dialogues in which you are active = you need to answer, not just listen. The grammar in explained in a very simple and friendly “Eliška-way” to keep your brain interested. The sentences that are chosen for practise are the sentences you will be able to use immediately in your life. 

After the course, you can join the slowczech private community where you ask (any) questions and connect with other slowczech learners.

Thanks to this challenge…

… you will experience the slowczech approach when learning grammar. For 5 days, you will taste the learning routine that will be easier to continue even after this challenge.

… you will practise Czech grammar but still its spoken version = what Czech people really say!

If after the 5 days you decide that this perspective is enjoyable and works for you, you can continue with the day 6 from the whole 21 day grammar challenge knowing already, that this approach fits you!

Jak to funguje?

The challenge starts on 4 March 2023.

Everyday at 5:00 you will receive an email with the materials for the day.

You will be invited to join a support WhatsApp group where we motivate each other, help each other, ask and answer questions.

Every day contains one explanation part in English, two practise parts in Czech and one writing training to anchor and deepen your knowledge. In detail:

  • video explanation of the grammar topic
  • video with listening practise to get the structure under your skin
  • video with speaking practise = simulated dialogues with guidance (you are active, you speak!)
  • writing training = colorful printable PDF worksheet containing all the necessary information

You will be granted access to the slowczech membership section. The access will close 5 days after the challenge. So in total, you will have 10 days to finish the challenge. Is it challenging enough? 😉 If you continue with the whole 21 day course, the access will be granted for 1 year = you can get back to this course any time you want for 12 months after purchase.

Your investment

You will invest at least 15 minutes a day for 5 days.

You will need your Czech language enthousiasm.

The price of this shortened challenge is 690 CZK.

Můžu participovat?

  • If you level is false beginner to intermediate level, ano, you can participate.
  • If you want to review your basic grammar regardless of your level, ano, you can participate.
  • If you want to practise speaking, ano, you can participate.
  • If you need a little push and/or a kick 🙂 ano, you can participate.
  • If you enjoy learning Czech, ano, you SHOULD participate! 🙂

Who designed this course for you?

Eliška is Czech language tutor who has been teaching foreigners both, offline and online since 2015. After teaching and learning languages for some time, she started to focus on the concept of speaking slowly in Czech which she found the most efficient. Based on the comprehensible input theory she created community of slowczech.

Obsah (content)?

  1. Mám rád vs. rád
  2. Verbs (“Rozumím” group)
  3. Můžu ti pomoct? (moct, nemoct)
  4. Personal pronouns in dative
  5. Verbs (“Pracuju” group)


What say participants of previous programs?

“The materials were prepared with a progression and relation between them, which makes the process easier and dynamic.

Irene from Spain

Doing challenge was fun and challenging 🙂 The grammar explanations were as good as always in slowczech. It gave me a deeper understanding of all the topics and how to use them in real life conversations.”

Guadaloupe from Argentina

“The videos and the PDFs were nice, not too much demanding. The PDF in addition to the video took me about 5-10 minutes per day. Eliška made the videos from her heart, which was very “feelable” and touching.

Astrid from Austria

“As you had envisioned, it kept me motivated to spend at least 20 or so minutes concentrating on Czech.”

Trenton from USA

“I really liked that in one of the days Eliška focused more on spoken language than just on the formal Czech.”

Sabina from Romania

In the last part, I listened to the question and then spoke out loud a suitable answer.  This was very useful.

Rene from USA

“I liked very much that every morning I could work with the difficult Czech language, without doing too much and without getting to the boarder of my knowledge or of my learning capacity, which is in other courses often the case.

Madeleine z Rakouska

“I liked lots of example sentences and reading classmates’ diary on Whatapp.”

Kanami z Japonska

Kurz bych doporučil pro studenty češtiny, kteří ještě nevědí všechno, a pro ty, kteří potřebují zopakovat češtinu.”

Joao, z Portugalska

My listening skills improved. I also have a better feeling for the sentence structure now.

Lukas from Germany

Your daily comments and interactions on our WhatsApp group discussions were also very helpful and enriching.

Prostě to stoprocentně doporučuji. Stojí to za to.

Housam from Syria