(159*) Passive+active audio training in story (1)

Hi guys, couple days ago I had a new idea. Since I have been learning Arabic for 5 months ago now, I have something for you. I have written a simple story with sentences and questions that you might use when speaking, too. The story is about myself but, yet, gender neutre. So that you can listen and repeat it after me even if you are not a blond girl.  

At the end, I would like you to tell me what you think. I need your feedback. Should do more of those audios? Comment on slowczech.com in the episode transcript or on facebook page under the episode link. Pleeeease! 

What will you hear now? You will hear explanation of some words from the story. Then, you will hear the story itself. At first, I will read the whole story. And then, I will read it again and make pauses so that you can repeat after me if you want to. Are you ready? Let’s go to the story.


dneska (less formal) = dnes (more formal)
fakt (less formal) = opravdu (more formal) = really
zrovna = right now at this very moment or at the moment in general, on those days
chodím = I am going to some places regularly
nepůjdu = I will not go tomorrow


Dnes je pátek. Pátek je fakt super den! V pátek nikdy nepracuju. Většinou vstávám kolem sedmé. Potom si dělám kafe. Dělám si fakt velké kafe, protože miluju kafe! A co většinou dělám v pátek? V pátek většinou odpočívám. Co myslíš, jak odpočívám? Někdy sedím na balkóně a poslouchám podcasty. Někdy jdu běhat. Někdy jdu plavat. Často si taky čtu. Zrovna čtu moc zajímavou knihu. Opravdu ! Je to fakt supr kniha! Občas skládám puzzle. Zrovna skládám těžké puzzle. Na obrázku je nějaké americké město. Občas taky chodím na procházku. Bydlím nedaleko lesa. A tak chodím do lesa. Dnes ale do lesa nepůjdu. Proč? Protože dneska prší! Dneska je ošklivo.

Please, tell me what you think. I need your feedback – should do more of those or not? Should I change anything? I love creating this content for you and I prefer to create something that has a nice value for YOU, because I speak Czech pretty well already 🙂

Krásný den, Eliška


  1. Ahoj Eliška,
    Mám ráda Příběh. Je to pravda, že je těžký hlédat audio training.

  2. Velmi, velmi dobre. Je to fakt super audio. Skvele audio.
    It’s really great and important to learn the informal words, and I really appreciated being able to follow along without reading the transcript because the sentences were simple enough. And I really thought that being able to repeat your sentences and listen to my pronunciation is a great learning tool. Please keep doing these it’s a fabulous idea. Miluju to! Dekui Eliska.

  3. i loved it too! i still needed the transcript the first two times listenimg to it. then 3rd time audio focused.
    so yes, pls make more like this 🙂

    1. Thank you so much Dori, this is a great method! Try to listen to the same audio in 1 month. I am sure it will be easy peasy for you by that time 😉 At the speed that you are learning, it is just amazing! 🙂

  4. I love it Eliska ❤️ ❤️.. great to have the text, and also to have the ‘repeat in the gaps’ version as well … more please 👍 everything you do is great quality and you really understand what your ‘Czech learners’ need !!

  5. Thank you 😉 super useful! I love this whole concept: short story, audio, transcript, and audio with pauses.

  6. Super! Perfektní! I took an online course which gave me the background to study on my own. This helps so much with listening comprehension and speaking, which are difficult to learn and practice by oneself. Your site fills my needs perfectly! Moc děkuju.

    1. Hi Linda, I am so happy my episodes help you to practise on your own. I am struggling when learning languages on my own. Not enought self-practice so I have thought – I should give this to my followrs and students, too! 🙂

  7. Would you ever consider posting English translations of these small stories? so many of the translate generators do not help at all when you are first beginning Czech. Thank you I loved the simplicity

  8. Eliška,

    Thank you for providing this resource for all of us Czech language learners. Yours is the best out there! Keep up the great work!!

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