⚪🔴🔵 How to feel good even if you are busy?

Nazdárek, tady Eliška. Doufám, že se máš báječně 🙂 Today, I would like to share something very important to me. If you want, let me know in the comment if you feel the same.

Yesterday, I talked to Trent, one of the biggest slowczech fans. He’s been living in USA and started learning Czech because of his Czech family name and Czech ancestors. He rarely comes to the Czech republic. And we were talking about slowczech because now we are working on a “better slowczech“. Trent mentionned a very interesting point that I was not really aware of.

Jaký? Slowczech makes him feel like “I can do it!” and “I am welcome here.” He told me that watching our slowly spoken videos and listening to our podcast episodes gives him hope that one day he will learn this fakt těžký jazyk. And that one day he won’t be so f** scared when talking to a Czech person. Because he feels encouraged in a very friendly and personalized way.

When he contacted slowczech for the first time 2 years ago, we met for a short call and discussed what he wanted, needed and how can slowczech help him. Yesterday, he told me how suprised but very pleased he had been. That this personalized approach when eventually he joined a group was something that connected him to slowczech. In the slowczech group he didn’t feel like

“I am stupid, I will never learn this language, I don’t have time for homework, it’s my fault I am bad learner…”.

He felt the opposite:

“Even though I am busy, I know that noone will look at me badly. I feel encouraged to talk and learn slowly.”


Why? Because our groups go through the so-called matching system. When we put together groups, mini groups or individual lessons, we insist on the good group synergy. Like minded people. Good vibes.

When Trent told me all this, I realized he is right. To me, it was something natural because feeling good is crucial for the learning process. But obviously, this matching system in not common.

So I am really happy that connecting learners with other learners in groups or mini groups or learners with tutors works so well. And I wanted to share my awakening with you. Because I am proud of slowczech approach.

If you want to feel like Trent, you can start learning with us.

  • individual lessons – 100% tailored, via ZOOM, via WhatsApp without F2F meetings, via Google Classroom – fill in our form to meet Vendy and discuss your needs with her
  • group lessons – new groups will start in January/February 2023, we will send newsletter to tell you more
  • mini groups (= 2 students+tutor) are a perfect mix of “a lot of time to speak” and “for good money”.

Well,… what are you waiting for?

This article was written by Eliška from slowczech team.

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