⚪️🔴🔵 Who do you learn with?

Nazdárek , tady Eliška and I would like to share my yesterday evening thoughts with you. When our 1 year old son was sleeping, I was reviewing in my had a baby swimming course we started to attend. The first lesson was very confusing, the instructor was super fast, activities were changing within seconds, plus she didn’t show properly what to do,… And I was just thinking “Oh gosh, I hope that next time it will be someone else!” 

When we enrolled the course, we didn’t know who the instructor would be. Of couse, then I learned that we can see the names in the schedule. But I always forget how to log-in to their website to see the name,… the instructor’s name that I had already forgot because there are so many of them. Plus, there is no regularity in who the teacher will be.

Which brought me think about my cycling  and crossfit lessons during my university years. I always chose the course according to who the instructor was!

Did you or do you do the same?

And this is just a physical lesson where your body just blindly follows some instructions. But what about lessons where you need your brain to produce some activity? Think about it!

  • What do you learn if you don’t like your teacher?
  • How motivated you are if you feel unwelcome?
  • What if the group is a weird mix of people you are not comfortable talking to openly?

People you are learning with MATTER MORE than you might think.

That is why in slowczech you will always know who your tutor is.

You can also ask about other participants, before the group starts.

If you like watching Vendy or Monika on youtube, if you like listening to podcast made by Petra or Daniela, you can join their groups because you know in advance that you will feel good in their groups.

A to je důležité, protože… when we feel good, we learn easily.

Do you want to learn easily? Do you want to feel good when learning Czech? Do you want to progress? Or just spend nice moments in a nice group of people? Choose your tutor and join one of our groups here.



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